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Jumping Joy Program

  • 1Day
  • 2Steps
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Jump Ropes that bring joy to any event, location, anytime!


Welcome to the Double Dutch Camp program by Double Dutch 4 Life! Our camp is designed to bring the fun and excitement of double dutch to individuals aged 5 and up. Join us for a week of learning, practicing, and mastering the art of double dutch in a supportive and engaging environment. Our experienced instructors will guide campers through various techniques, tricks, and routines, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all. Camp activities include skill-building sessions, friendly competitions, team challenges, and fun games. Participants will not only improve their double dutch skills but also build confidence, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Get ready to jump, spin, and have a blast at Double Dutch Camp!

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Single Payment
Bronze Clinic
$75.00 + $5.00 Joining Fee


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